This is old me

I’ve crawled past all the bullshit that’s been happening lately (or still am crawling). This month has been quite reflective on myself, my peers, friends, enemies, people in general. I started out as a a boy with no friends, then i became the boy with the best friends. turned into the boy with friends, now a boy with friend. The occurrences in my life between point A to point B-Z, I wish I could pummel my face for a good hour. But then, this is still me we’re talking about. I feel better about myself more than I ever have. Maybe it took A-Z to finally realize it; Well I could have dealt with A-H or something but I’ve already gone through my alphabet of shit. Anyway, I don’t want to forget what I’ve come from. Being that Tumblr took away a good chunk of my life (never again…) I’m setting a sort of grave for myself to bury a lesser Paul. 

                                                                   -Best Regards

                                                                    A not so shitty Paul